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    2020 09 StageTec AURUS platinum KBS Mixdown Maintenance Engineer Kim Jae Min

    Stage Tec AURUS platinum @ KBS Mixdown | Maintenance Engineer Kim Jae Min

    2020 09 StageTec AURUS platinum KBS Mixdown Maintenance Engineers Yang Jung Hwa and Kim Jae Min

    Stage Tec AURUS platinum @ KBS Mixdown | Maintenance Engineers Yang Jung Hwa & Kim Jae Min

    2020 09 StageTec AURUS platinum KBS Mixdown Nexus System

    Stage Tec AURUS platinum @ KBS Mixdown | Nexus System

    2020 09 StageTec AURUS platinum KBS Mixdown Room
    Stage Tec AURUS platinum @ KBS Mixdown


    Stage Tec AURUS platinum becomes new backbone at KBS Hall in South Korea

    Seoul, South Korea, September 2020: KBS, the Korean Broadcast System, updated the mixdown room at their well-known event location KBS Hall. Stage Tec’s AURUS platinum was chosen as the main act of this transformation.

    KBS Hall is located in Yeouido, Seoul in South Korea and is best known for hosting a variety of music and concerts performances by both Korean musicians and international guest. The concerts and shows are broadcast live and also recorded for later broadcast. The audio is managed from a control room at the rear of the hall. 

    In order to stay technically up-to-date and to integrate Merging Pyramix multitrack recorder, a digital upgrade of the mixdown room was recently carried out. The control room was equipped with a new platinum Stage Tec AURUS mixing console with 48 faders – perfect for working with the existing Ravenna/AES67 audio network technology and the analog effects units in the room. AES67 allows individual items to be connected to a network that primarily uses one protocol.

    AURUS large mixing consoles are Stage Tec's flagship products. In addition to the outstanding audio quality, this mixing console is characterized by the generously equipped user interface. All important functions are available with only one single touch. AURUS platinum delivers highest audio quality, most extensive editing functions, fastest workflows and perfect integration with the NEXUS audio network. All common audio processing functions can be accessed directly from each channel strip. The clarity is extremely high, the distances are very short and the operating speed is unrivalled. Especially important for the broadcast sector is the unrestrictedly flexible bus structure of AURUS with intelligent on-air/off-air solutions. In addition, compliance with the existing AOIP was a particularly requirement for this project and the Ravenna/AES67 protocol must match the digital audio workstation Merging Pyramix, AURUS was the ideal choice.

    The Stage Tec console was supplied by Syncfish, the manufacturer’s distributor for South Korea. Since 2002 Syncfish has provided many digital audio solutions for KBS. 

    Music events at KBS Hall often involve up to 100 people on the stage, and for large classical events there may be as many as 200 artists. A special challenge for system and mix engineers. The new AURUS console help ease these challenges. The whole system is supported with a minimum of wiring and simple clock sync method(PTPV2). For mixing processes impressive automation buttons are integrated in the interface. Further to the many helpful, console-internal functions, the interaction with the NEXUS system and all other connected devices is one of the conveniences that make working with an AURUS console so comfortable, especially in large, complex and time-critical productions. 40 user keys serve to meet all requirements, from the simplest routing changes in the audio network to PTZ control of connected cameras. All operations can also be stored in scenes and run automatically. 

    The consistently positive feedback from the engineers at KBS Hall include compliments for the super clear sound quality, they never experienced from any other consoles, that KBS has been used before, and the absence of any bugs and malfunctions of the AURUS console. 

    KBS started in 1927 as Gyeongseong Broadcasting Station, Korea’s first radio station. Today KBS is a public corporation funded by the South Korean government and license fees, but is managed independently. In addition to 18 regional stations and 12 overseas branches, there are eight subsidiary companies such as KBSN, KBS Business and KBS Media, which manage KBS content. The KBS complex in Yeouido is home and filming location to many famous Korean show, through a viewing window visitors can watch the KBS radio DJs at work and experience the broadcasting world at KBS’s inhouse exhibition Hall. 



    KBS Mixdown Room Maintenance Engineer Kim Jae Min 
    KBS Mixdown Room Maintenance Engineers Yang Jung Hwa & Kim Jae Min 
    KBS Mixdown Room Nexus System
    KBS Mixdown Room

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