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    2018 06 StageTec RTBF Aurus
    AURUS from Stage Tec at RTBF in Belgium

    2018 06 StageTec RTBF Production
    RTBF staff work with the AURUS from Stage Tec

    2018 06 StageTec RTBF RMDQ
    High-performance RMDQ DSP units in the NEXUS STAR router

    Belgian TV station RTBF continues to rely on Stage Tec

    AURUS upgrade with high-performance DSP


    Brussels, Belgium, June 2018: RTBF, the Belgian national TV broadcaster for the French community, has upgraded its newsroom, Studio 24. Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of pro audio equipment, supplied seven high-performance RMDQ DSP units to replace the 2005 predecessors. Studio 24 is a central control room connected to several studios from which RTBF broadcasts various infotainment programmes. This newly created network of studios places higher demands on resources which are easily satisfied by the high-performance DSP board.

    Studio 24 has a second-generation AURUS from 2006 installed on a NEXUS network that can access up to 800 channels and 160 buses after migrating to the RMDQ boards. Features such as loudness metering in the group and bus channels, an internal auto mixer, de-esser and MS decoder are also available.

    “RTBF has been a long standing customer of Stage Tec since 1997,” explains Jean-Paul Moerman from Stage Tec’s International Sales & Consulting department. “Since then, the RTBF systems have been updated continuously without having to change the whole package. The fact that Stage Tec products from the early 90s run in current systems without any problems is a very budget-friendly solution for our customers and a unique achievement in the industry, where competitors often only offer a much shorter lifespan for their product lines and services. This interoperability is bidirectional and one of our selling points.”

    The upgrade required very careful planning, since the AURUS in Studio 24 is in operation around the clock. In addition to the DSP unit, the console's TFT screens were replaced and new GUI software was installed. RTBF’s maintenance technician Ludovic Tresinie reports: “It was not even necessary to power up the emergency backup console. The upgrade was done quickly and without problems between the late evening news and the first news of the day at 1 am. It is a Stage Tec hallmark to adapt existing systems to current developments, keeping them up-to-date.”

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